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Your body is a creative tool! It can make up poems, music, artwork as well as solve any kind of problems. 
In this workshop, we will focus on combining free-form movement and drawing.

We will wake up our senses, introduce you to “The Art of Happy Stealing” and play with the eternal cycle of creation and destruction. 
The goal is to get into the zone of an organic and intuitive creative flow.

By embracing confusion instead of avoiding it, we will get ourselves out of the blur, play with the unknown and find clarity in motion. 

This workshop is suitable for anybody interested in movement and visual expression, however, no previous experience is needed!

If you feel blocked around your creativity, want to learn ways to channel your creative overflow, or simply want to get a good booty shake, you should definitely come!


Upcoming classes*

When: 09/12/2012  from 2-6 pm.

Where: bewegungsraum-berlin

               Möckernstraße 68, Hof rechts, Aufgang A

               10965 Berlin

How much: 35-65 euros

What to bring?: Comfortable clothes, water, anti-sliding socks or simply your bare feet*

Spots are limited -> so write me to save your spot:

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