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"Dance Yourself" (2018)

When movement becomes the link between you, your whole and the whole. 


In this course, we will allow our body to move freely, authentically and we'll let it take us through new lands of expression and surprises. 

The aim is to use dance as medium of self-discovery and creation, exploration and communication, relaxation and motion. 


"Dance Yourself" gives us a space to  learn how to digest who we are, our evolution, our world and its people.

It allows us to open ourselves to synthesise those information and get into a world of physical interpretation and expression of it all, with a curious, organic and playful angle. 

Upcoming classes*

When: 05/01/2018  from 6-8 pm.

Where: Studio SoniC

              Reichenberger Str. 124,

              Haus C10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

How much: 12-18 euros

What to bring?: Comfortable clothes, water, anti-sliding socks or simply your bare feet*

Spots are limited -> so write me to save your spot:

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