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LAB1 : The Heart Groove

a dance journey through our body, from our mind to our heart


The HEART GROOVE is a guided dance journey, allowing ourselves to take a break from our mind, release tensions, move our body and find a way back to our inner wisdom lying into our heart space.


The only desire to dance and move is enough for any participant to explore his or her power of expanding, creating, connecting, being authentic, present and most importantly revealing what his or her heart needs to express.


This session made of 6 classes (1/week) is a lab, where you, as a participant,

and I, as a facilitator, collaborate in creating a space where we can all find our own keys

to the heart space through movement. Together we learn to trust our physical body to lead us to find answers, see images, get inspired, celebrate life and experience ourselves in new ways.


The HEART GROOVE is founded on various free-form movements practices such as Transformative Dance, principles of Authentic Movement or Ecstatic Movement, art therapy and more. 


There is no prior dance experience needed. You must simply come with a curious and adventurous mind, ready to investigate in what our body and heart have to offer.



DATE: October 2018

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