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Online Fitness


You can now also learn through your body wherever you are in the world. 

Start your online process now. 

What to expect from an online learning process?

  • In a video call, we first discuss and define your aim over a foot analysis.

  • In the following 40 minutes, I verbally guide you through exercises and relevant techniques to raise your body attention and energy.

  • With this awareness, you will find out that you can change any uncomfortable states (pain, anxiety, panic, worry, fear...), stop unnecessary efforts, and make room for well-being, lightness, clarity, and new options.

  • During the resting phase, you will experience how thoughts become quieter, you feel your body more attentively, and let yourself integrate the session. 

  • Similar to an in-person learning process, it is hard to tell how many sessions are needed to reach your aim. This will depend on your active participation, your will to learn, and the aim you choose to work towards. I will be designing a training program just for you which we can explore in sessions and practices you can do on your own, offline.

Any questions?

Simply reach out by writing me at 

or book a 20 min. free call where we can discuss over a conversation

about how a learning process can support you right now.

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