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I am a french multi-faceted visual artist with great love for meaningful, heartfelt, and rhythmical projects.

I mainly specialized in directing,

pre-production work and illustration while also working as an animator and graphic designer.

My visual style is allegorical, musical, and vibrant.

I have directed projects like the multi-awarded animated short film "Untamed" and most recently worked as an animator on the short films and VR experiences "Nothing Happens" and  "The Hangman at Home" directed by Michelle and Uri Kranot.

Interested in working with me, asking questions, or simply say hi?

Write me a message at this address and

I will come back to you ASAP.

While developing my skills as

an artist, I also take great

pleasure in exploring other passions of mine, in relation to movement

and bodywork.

Find out more about these 
by following those two links.

These emails are sort of "bits of life" notes which

I get to share with you exclusively through this list.
You will stay up to date with some major news on the upcoming embodiment

and creative projects, special offers on original art, bodywork sessions,

and many more special treats.

Sign up if you'd like to join my journey.

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