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I Offer

My body learning sessions are available online (via video call) and in person in Copenhagen.

In our first meeting, called the assessment session, we define the aim you want to reach

in a learning process or a recovery process, depending on your wishes and needs.

If you struggle financially but have the greatest will and

wish to take sessions with me, write me and we will find a solution.

  • Discover what your feet tell about yourself and how they hold the key ...

    200 Danish kroner
  • We discuss your aim over a foot analysis and I give you a session.

    850 Danish kroner
  • Individual tailored session available after first assessment session.

    700 Danish kroner
  • Make somebody happy and relaxed with the gift of body attention.

    700 Danish kroner
  • Let's talk to find out if this approach is made for you!


Contact Information

Rosendalsgade 8, Shuniya Clinic
2100, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone number
+45 52 24 01 11

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