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As far as I can remember I always looked for ways

to become freer and naturally more powerful in

my life.

But for a long time, I could not believe that I would ever reach the freedom or physical well-being other people seemed to have around me. It was clear from what my peers could say about my health, heritage, culture, family, and so on that,

I was brought to life with more issues than my peers.

"Doctors said you should not run without your inhaler.

- If you eat these foods you will be sick, or fat.- You are so timid. - Look at you being so angry! - You're just like your father/mother..."

Life was in some ways hard and strict for reasons I could never understand or accept.  


In my despair and limitations, I quite early found my way to transform my everyday struggles with art, especially drawing and later on the medium of animation. Creating stories with characters I was entirely free to make up, whose movements and stories I could entirely control was fun for a while but never really brought me the feeling of freedom and content I was searching for. 

Though drawing and animation did bring me an outlook on reality which entirely surprised me: observing how bodies move, act, react, are motivated to act...


In a way, this attention to inhabited beings was the basis for a deeper understanding of what was real and what was

an illusion.

When I started my professional life as a multi-faceted visual artist (creating animation films and illustration projects), I was excited but fairly quickly realized that I was missing a more physical part of myself in my daily life. The pressure I was moreover experiencing as an artist brought me to a full stop when I injured my shoulder for trying to make the ends meet during a movie production. 

This forced stop brought me to start a long journey into discovering bodywork and somatic practices in order to heal my shoulder and my general state of stress.

This search for personal development brought me to observe how beings are generally more in tune with themselves and the world around them when they choose to give attention to their bodies.

This ground-breaking revelation led me to become in my mid-20s a free-form movement facilitator and later on to study the work of Avi Grinberg and become a practitioner of the Grinberg Method.


What I have found simply by being a client, a student, and assistant teacher of the Grinberg Method in the past 5 years entirely turned my world upside down: I realized that learning to perceive my body through my body and stopping the beliefs and efforts I held against my wish of being well, free, and powerful

were the keys to the life I wanted all along.


Since I started my process, I can say for certain that I can choose freedom over limitation,

I can choose to use my energy to reach

my goals, I can choose to trust myself or

my body to heal and rest when I need it, I can choose to meet reality with all its colors and meet the unknown... I can simply live my life as I want within the context I find myself in by being more my body, in other words, more me.

And suddenly, the old "I am a victim of it all" storyline can end and make space for new chapters.

Looking back at it all: maybe it is all those health troubles

I met throughout my life, maybe it is the creative life in pursuit of self-expression that I chose to follow early on, maybe it is the limitations I met around me or maybe it is my ever-lasting will and curiosity... that brought me here today in offering my learnings to my peers through my work and being.

Today, I feel freer and more powerful than ever, happy to share my vision with the world in sessions or in my art.


My wish is for us all to find trust in ourselves and grow into strong individuals, in charge of their experience and in touch with their natural body powers.


Contact Information

Rosendalsgade 8, Shuniya Clinic
2100, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone number
+45 52 24 01 11

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