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What I offer

in-person & online
1:1 Body Learning processes

As a qualified bodywork practitioner,

I offer you support in the form

of 1:1 processes.

A process is a series of 60 min. one-on-one sessions (live or online) tailored to your needs and challenges, aiming to identify what comes between you and any personal goal.

A process teaches you to meet your wishes and generally live with greater strength, flexibility, health, and trust as an open and free body.

I will be structuring your process with lessons and training (in and between sessions) based on your aim which will be agreed on in our first meeting, over a talk and a foot analysis. 

In each session, I meet you where you are. This means that in case of relevant changes or a crisis happening in your life, the process will be adapted to you and to the results you will notice between sessions.

I practice the Grinberg Method, a powerful method of somatic teaching and bodywork that demonstrates exceptional effectiveness.


This method directly addresses the root causes, facilitating a transformation of ineffective strategies responsible for sustaining dissatisfaction and suffering in various aspects of life.


The primary objective is to enhance your body attention, empowering you to regain control over your life and overall well-being.


Are you wondering if

Body Learning is for you? 

Let's meet over a free and non-biding video call to discuss your potential goals, the challenges you may go through right now, or any questions you may have about working with me, before starting a 1:1 process.


I offer 2 types of processes
depending on what your needs are:

a learning process
focuses on:

- dealing with stress, fear and anxiety
- managing difficult situations
- handling emotional challenges
- setting boundaries
- digesting emotional trauma
- developing a talent
- supporting your wishes and dreams
- enhancing confidence and other skills that bring value to your life
- quieting the mind
- living more in the present

a recovery process addresses:

- acute physical conditions like sprains, inflammation...
- breathing conditions like asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis...
- physical trauma 
- chronic pain like migraines, back pain, neck pain, hernia...
- preparation for operation
- post-operation recovery
- digestion issues like constipation, IBS, diarrhoea, acidity...

What is the structure of a 1:1 process?

Defining the aim


In our first meeting,

we define the aim you wish to reach in the 1:1 process.

Aims can come from the wish to stop suffering from physical conditions, repetitive reactions to stressful situations, or the wish to change or gain something in your life. 

The foot




During our first meeting,

we discuss your aim over a foot analysis to get an impression of your general condition in the context of your aim.

First session

From the first session

you learn to raise your energy and grow your attention towards your body, through touch, movement, and verbal guidance.

Following sessions and home training

The length of your learning process depends on your commitment, will and the aim we focus on.

My aim is to support your journey by tailoring a series of sessions, exercises and home training for you to reach your aim by yourself. 

Any questions before starting your Body Learning journey? 

How does a session work?

  • At the start of a session,
    we shortly talk about relevant topics in the context of your aim while connecting them to your physical experience. We also assess if any changes occurred since the last session.

  • For about 40 minutes you learn on the working table how you usually hold your body, breathe, react physically, emotionally, and mentally. This level of attention towards your body and behaviors is the foundation of long-lasting change. With the use of touch, movement and instructions, I teach you to stop what blocks you from reaching your aim, to let your body digest past traumas, and to release stuck energy necessary for healing.


  • At the end of the session, you will have time to let your body rest and integrate what you learned for 10 minutes.   


Are you wondering if

Body Learning is for you? 

Let's meet over a free and non-biding video call to discuss your potential goals, the challenges you may go through right now, or any questions you may have about working with me, before starting a 1:1 process.


What to expect from

an online 1:1 process?

  • In a video call, we first discuss and define your aim over a foot analysis.

  • In the following 40 minutes, I verbally guide you through exercises and relevant techniques to raise your body attention and energy.

  • With this awareness, you will find out that you can change any uncomfortable states (pain, anxiety, panic, worry, fear...), stop unnecessary efforts, and make room for well-being, lightness, clarity, and new options.

  • During the resting phase, you will experience how thoughts become quieter, you feel your body more attentively, and let yourself integrate the session. 

  • Similar to an in-person learning process, it is hard to tell how many sessions are needed to reach your aim. This will depend on your active participation, your will to learn, and the aim you choose to work towards. I will be designing a training program just for you which we can explore in sessions and practices you can do on your own, offline.

Do you wish to

start your 1:1 online process?

Contact Information

Rosendalsgade 8, Shuniya Clinic
2100, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone number
+45 52 24 01 11

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